Bert Seabourn is an internationally acclaimed American Expressionist with over 60 years of artistic experience. Bert has been recognized as a Master Artist by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, won the Governor’s Art Award, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Oklahoma City Paseo Art Association, among many other honors. Bert’s art can be found around the world, including in the Vatican in Rome, the American Embassy in London, and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. He and his wife, Bonnie Jo Tompkins, own and operate 50 Penn Place Gallery in Oklahoma City. Follow Bert at

Dr. Bob Palmer is a muralist whose work can be found all over the state. While Dr. Palmer has a particular interest in making small towns throughout Oklahoma more vibrant with his murals, his influence can also be found in Mexico, Canada, and Eastern Europe. Along with running Palmer Studios, Dr. Palmer is a member of the Oklahoma Art Educators Association and the National Art Educators Association. Follow Dr. Palmer at

Christie Owen is a local artist and graphic designer. Her abstract 2D and3D artwork is the result of looking for visual solutions to fill a void with something beautiful, improve emotional and environmental disposition, and evoke a sense of balance and tranquility in the modern world. Follow Christie on Instagram @christieowenart and be sure to visit her website Or visit her design site at and follow on Instagram @hivedesignteam.

Clint Stone is an Oklahoma artist who is very curious about almost everything, so he spends his time doing all sorts of stuff to keep learning about this amazingly weird place we live. He paints brightly colored representations of his world. His aim is to remind the viewer that there are still wonders around some corners and that celebrations can happen even at the most mundane of times. His paintings of Oklahoma City scenes can be found at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art store. His doodles and writings can be found at the Paseo Plunge or wherever Literati Press books are sold.

Erin Cooper is a visual artist at E. Cooper Studio and creative director at Cooper House, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Oklahoma City. From murals to branding to websites, Erin’s touch can be found all over Oklahoma. Erin is all about bold color, graphic details, and celebrating beauty of all kinds. You can often find her creating art alongside her talented business partner/husband Tim and their two little redheaded daughters. Follow Erin @ecooperstudio and @cooper_house.

Jason Pawley is an Oklahoma City native. Committing to the career of full-time artist in 2010, he has exhibited his work widely across the region. In 2013, Pawley founded Tall Hill Creative, an alternative art exhibition space and studio. Using aerosol and acrylic paint, Jason juxtaposes soft, organic nature-based shapes on hard concrete structures to create colorful illustrations. His inspiration primarily comes from a daily pilgrimage to Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge with his dogs. Follow Jason @jpawleyp.

Kathryn Wakefield is the owner and designer of Confetti Riot, a handmade home goods business based just outside of Oklahoma City. She loves simple, colorful, and quirky designs with a slight flair for nostalgia. Follow Kathryn @confetti_riot.

Kelsey Karper is an Oklahoma City-based curator and artist. Her artwork combines photography and found imagery to spin imaginary tales. She employs a variety of photographic processes in her work, from 19th century methods and the traditional black-and-white darkroom, to the more modern, digital tools. As a curator, Karper focuses on projects that build community and create new opportunities for artists. In early 2016, she co-founded Current Studio, an experimental art space focused on building community and solving problems through art. Follow Kelsey at

Sam Washburn is an illustrator and graphic artist working out of Oklahoma City. His illustrations span from lighthearted mid-century cartoons to snarky caricatures and everything in between. He has worked with a variety of clients, including the New York Times and Macmillan Publishing. You can follow him on Instagram @swashburnillustration, on Twitter @samuelwashburn, or on his website

Tanner Frady is a mural artist and sign painter based in Oklahoma City. Tanner has been working with aerosol since 2009 and hand painting signs professionally since 2013. Tanner has enjoyed producing work for multiple local openings, along with murals and sign jobs proudly displayed across the state and the nation. Follow Tanner @fradycatsigns.


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