The Curbside Chronicle has teamed up once again with Oklahoma artist and Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne to create an original, exclusive and psychedelic wrapping paper design. Add some freakiness under your tree this holiday season with wrapping paper designed by Wayne Coyne. And don’t forget to share pictures of your gifts with us @waynecoyne5 and @CurbsideOKC.


Aditi Panchal is a graphic designer and hand lettering artist based in Oklahoma City. She teaches cursive and hand lettering workshops all around Oklahoma and in New York. Aditi is passionate about helping local businesses craft brands that stand out. She launched a stationery brand last year with the mission to brighten people's day one hand-written letter at a time. Aditi has always loved seasonal greetings. For her wrapping paper design, she uses typography to showcase classic holiday phrases and the warm, fuzzy feelings they embody. Follow her on Instagram at @aditipanchal.designs or online at


When he’s not zipping through city streets and neighborhoods on his bike, Arjan Jager is likely bringing a new drawing to life. The Dutch-born urban designer and city planner’s illustrations are clean, simple, and full of life. Arjan’s drawings can be seen throughout Oklahoma City  from Clarity Coffee’s to-go cups to large-scale illustrations downtown along Hudson Avenue. For his wrapping paper, Arjan set his design in Midtown and was inspired by the different ways people transport Christmas trees home for the holidays. You can follow him on Instagram at @jagerarjan and online at



Betty Refour’s love of art began when she was just a child. She’d spend hours drawing countless geometric shapes on paper. For Betty, circles represent interactions between people, places and ideas. Betty’s wrapping paper is inspired by all the things we see and hear around the holidays. In college, she studied Fashion Design before becoming an illustrator. After a back injury, Betty began painting as a form of therapy that blossomed into her passion. Betty shares a home studio with her sister, who has autism, and uses art as a means of advocacy. Her work can be found in private collections around the world and online at


Emily Hamm is a freelance graphic designer, printmaker and pattern designer living in uptown Oklahoma City. Whether creating custom linocut prints and products from her home studio or meeting with a client at a local coffee shop about a branding project, she thrives on the variety of projects she undertakes. Emily’s gift wrap design is a local adaptation of the classic Fair Isle sweater pattern, tying in elements of Oklahoma to symbolize how Oklahomans should warmly embrace each other in their community. She hopes to encourage people to go out of their way this holiday season to make an impact on others! You can follow Emily and view more of her work on Instagram @emhammdesign or online at


Fish Tale Art features the original artwork of Curbside Chronicle vendor Mark. Mark aimed for a fun, traditional design, including a variety of original holiday characters. His hippopotamus honors the famous Christmas song sung by Oklahoma’s very own Gayla Peevey and the mistletoe is a nod to Oklahoma's state floral emblem. Mark also included several meaningful Curbside references throughout his design, including a special illustration of his wife – and fellow Curbside vendor – hanging out with Santa! Mark’s original drawings have been featured in The Curbside Chronicle magazine. And earlier this year, Mark helped paint a large-scale mural at the Homeless Alliance Day Shelter. For inquiries on Mark’s work, please reach out to


JUURI’s art is inspired by her Japanese heritage and the process of finding home. She loves to use colorful florals and moody tones to create the feeling of a peaceful garden. Her artmaking process has helped her see that home is not a physical place, but a state of being filled with love, courage, sunlight and hope. JUURI's murals can be seen in Oklahoma City (OK), Norman (OK), Newark Airport (NJ), Orlando (FL), Lynn (MA) and overseas in Shtula, Israel. In addition, JUURI has sold hundreds of paintings and prints. Her collectors include models, TV stars and top art purveyors on the global scene.For more information, follow her on Instagram at @juuriart83 and online at


Katelynn Noel Knick is an Oklahoma City-based artist. Originally from Tulsa, Katelynn received her BFA from the University of Oklahoma, where she studied painting and sculpture. She has exhibited regionally at AHHA Tulsa, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and the CASP 5&J Gallery in Lubbock, Texas. Katelynn is also an active arts organizer and co-founded the emerging artist collective Art Group. Katelynn’s gift wrap is inspired by the colors of winter with icy blue layers for frost, gold shimmers for the stars at night and soft greens for the earth peeking through the melting snow. To see more of Katelynn’s work, follow her on Instagram at @katelynnnknick or visit


Kristopher Kanaly is an artist and muralist from Oklahoma City with an extensive family history in the arts. His great grandfather owned a gallery back in 1919. Kanaly’s work has received popularity through multiple awards and publications and is regularly licensed by national retailers like Vans and Warby Parker. In 2017, Kanaly founded the Oklahoma Mural Syndicate – a nonprofit dedicated to advocating, curating, and funding public art – and is the lead curator for the Plaza Walls mural project. Kanaly’s work can be classified as ultra-flat abstractions of landscapes with otherworldly themes. His wrapping paper seeks to capture memories of building snowmen and the feeling of a warm swig of cider. Follow him on Instagram at @pyramidguy and at


Marissa Raglin is an Oklahoma City-based visual artist currently working in analog collage and resin. She can often be found knee-deep in old illustration books and magazines plucked from thrift stores and half-priced shops. Marissa earned her BA in Studio Art from Oklahoma Baptist University with an emphasis in painting. However, she always found herself gravitating towards works on paper. The Louisiana-born artist has been featured in countless exhibits and was chosen as a Spotlight Artist for the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s “Momentum” exhibit and recently served as the Skirvin Paseo Artist in Residence in downtown Oklahoma City. Find more of her art on Instagram at @marissabozrag and online at


Tony Thunder is from Moore, Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma City Community College for graphic design. He has been a veteran of art shows since he was 18 years old. Inspired by advertising, comic books and mass culture, much of his work takes the form of pop art. This holiday season, Tony wanted to make sure his wrapping paper design didn’t resemble any of the other artists, so he illustrated something so original there would be no way of that happening. He called in E.T. and dressed him in iconic Christmas movie costumes! To see more of Tony’s work, follow him on Instagram at